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Posted by Mai Choy on Mar 23, 2020 5:00:00 AM

At Faith Lutheran, we encourage students to connect their art to other disciplines as well as use it to have a positive impact on the world around them.  Visual art classes like studio art, printmaking, sculpting, and fine crafts and 3D arts are available in the middle school and high school. 

Animation in Action

Senior Niki Behjat combined her love for animation and film in a recent project.  She is a member of both the Fine Arts Conservatory and Film and Broadcast Academy. 
"For my screenwriting class, I had the amazing opportunity of creating an animation for my final film. The process took about 6-7 months, from screenwriting, character designing, casting my actors, recording them as a reference, then 2 months of animating. I also had a very talented music composer that I met online score my film. It was a very stressful process since this was my first attempt at animation, but it was a great learning experience."

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Art Makes a Difference

Faith Lutheran art students, under the guidance of Mrs. Kimberly Gilman, have painted over 30 double-sided "lily pads" for Eliane Balsewich's non-profit, Busy Bee Art Studio.  The lily pads are wooden seats that slip over the base of intravenous (IV) poles allowing pediatric cancer patients to sit on them and be wheeled down hospital halls. They are a cheerful addition to a patient's life during a hospital stay and allow children who may be too weak to walk to get out of their rooms and be wheeled around the halls by a parent for a change of scenery. 20190514_102239

Students from the National Junior Art Honor Society, Studio Art, and Art 7-8 classes designed and painted 60+ original designs onto over 30 lily pad bases for Busy Bee Art Studios to donate to local pediatric cancer units. 

Founder Eliane Balsewich has set a goal to produce enough lily pads with community help to provide every interested hospital in Nevada with lily pad bases for use by pediatric cancer patients.  Busy Bee Art Studios also provides 1-1 art activities to adult and pediatric cancer patients in local hospitals.  Anyone interested in supporting their healing arts mission can contact Busy Bee Studios through its Facebook page.






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