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FLNN Mini Video-A Nifty Thrifty Birthday

Posted by Mai Choy on Jan 23, 2018 6:49:00 AM
The "Faith Family" is not just the students, teachers, and staff.  It also includes our wonderful parents and friends from the community.  You can find many of these friends at the Faith Lutheran Thrift Store.  For over 30 years, volunteers have been operating the Thrift Store, now located at 2211 S. Rainbow Blvd., and donating the proceeds to school programs.  This FLNN Mini Video about one such friend. 

Betty Graves has been a volunteer at the Faith Lutheran Thrift Store for over 22 years.  Every week since 1995, she’s dedicated 4 hours of her Thursdays to determining the prices of donated clothes, and conversing with other volunteers.  
“It gets me out of the house and gets me working with people,” she said.  ”I couldn’t ask for better people to work with; they’re all my friends.” 
On December 13th, 2017, Betty turned 90 and the volunteers who have come to know Betty over the years knew that she deserved celebration.  Steve Orr, General Manager of the Faith Lutheran Thrift Store gives us special access to her birthday party.
 Faith Lutheran Thrift Store celebrates one of their volunteers' 90th birthday!  #happybirthday  #flmini
Thrift store funds have helped provide vans, buses, band instruments, science equipment, sports uniforms, kitchen appliances, and more for the school.  Clothing, household goods, and furniture are available for sale seven days a week.  Donate or volunteer at the Thrift store, a vital part of the ministry at Faith Lutheran!
For more information about the Thrift Store or volunteer opportunities, please contact Steve Orr, Store Manager at or (702) 242-0224.

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