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Fine Arts and Your Student's Future

Posted by Emily Slater on Nov 2, 2017 5:00:00 AM

So, you’ve been blessed with a student who is gifted in the arts.  Now what?  Don’t panic.  As the Dean of Fine Arts, I’ve had refreshingly honest meetings with parents who came clean and admitted they were afraid their theatrically inclined son would end up living in their guestroom forever, which would be particularly awkward when Aunt Agatha came for her yearly visit.  

I have some great news for you.  Did you know that many fine universities are looking for students with diverse talents just like yours?  An admittance counselor at Harvard told me their medical school, “likes to admit musicians because they are able to operate with two distinctly parts of their brain at the same time.”  Two years ago, Faith graduated an oboe player.  She had no desire at that time to continue playing, but she was offered a scholarship at Southern Utah University in her chosen field of study if she played oboe in their band.  Come to find out there was an oboe shortage that year. 

IMG_3931 2.jpg

Professional makeup artist Meghan Owen patterns with Conservatory Technical Theatre Major Gabby Kenny. 

Janet Lavin Rapleye, Dean of Admission at Princeton University, says that students in the arts, “are likely to show such character traits as motivation, creativity and independence, and to learn such life lessons as overcoming adversity, demonstrating empathy or learning the importance of hard work and perseverance.”  Artists think differently and their approaches to problem solving make them a valuable asset to any university.  Vince Broady, CEO of content marketing platform Thismoment, says people with an artistic mind, “think differently about the bigger picture.”  Even after graduation, top companies are looking for those people who have had experience in the arts.  Steve Jobs said, “It’s technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields the results that make our hearts sing.”  Based in San Francisco, Autodesk, a forerunner in architectural technology like 3D printers, hires 16 artists for a four-month residency program in which the artists have full access to the workshops.  


Professional Jacqueline Walker leads a vocal rehearsal in honors musical theatre for the Conservatory musical Godspell. Pictured: Jenna McKee, Makenna Bear, and Gracie Parker.

Faith Lutheran brings in outside professionals to help your students prepare for life in the arts.  From professional flag core instructors and guest conductors, to audition workshops led by industry professionals and college dance team intensives, your students will be ready for college and beyond.  I’m writing to you about how important the arts are in the practical sense to appeal to your parental instinct.  But they are so much more than a ticket to college or a good job, they are that, but they are also what ties a community together.  Your artistically gifted student is incredibly unique and important to our culture and society.  Breathe and know that God gave your students these gifts, and He will help them find a way to use them.  



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