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Middle School Service Day 2019

Posted by Mai Choy on Dec 17, 2019 5:00:00 AM

Each year the entire Middle School takes one day to go out into the Las Vegas Valley to serve those around them.  Advisory classes connected with local non-profits, schools, and businesses.  Many of the locations have been re-occurring partnerships that we hope to continue for year to come.  Watch a video for highlights from the day and read reflections from the teachers about why serving is something all kids should do! 

Faith Lutheran Middle School students served at 23 unique locations across the valley: Las Vantanas, Horses 4 Heroes, LV Rescue Mission, Serving Our Kids Foundation, Christ Lutheran, Catholic Charities, 3 Square, Lutheran Social Services, Lincoln Elementary, Women’s Resource, Wing and Lilly Fong Elementary School, Shade Tree, Whitney Elementary, Foster Kinship, Project 150, El Jen Rehab, Treem Elementary, Silver Sky, Gaye Haven, Discovery Children’s Museum, US Vets Home, NV Senior Services, Hollingsworth. 

"Coach Rood and Coach Schwartz Advisories went to Lincoln Elementary School.  We have formed a partnership with this school over the last two years.  Several of our middle school sports teams have gone to serve at Lincoln, with our main goal being to encourage their students and teachers, and to help fill their food pantry.  Before our service day we prepared by selecting the grade level each student wanted to work with and by brainstorming a way to encourage that class and teacher.  We also prayed for the school, students and teachers. On that day, we arrived, and went to help in the classrooms, one student per class.  The students loved having our students and were surprised with the small gifts that they received. We brought our lunch and ate with each class and played at recess with them.  We left feeling like we had shared lots of love, light and encouragement with our adopted school." Mrs. Lisa Schwartz 


"We do a service day to remind ourselves and others that since Jesus came to serve others, we should also exemplify this and serve others. This service should not be on one day, but consistently demonstrated. It instills in middle school students the spirit of service and plants a seed that we need to serve others. It also reminds them that they are so blessed above and beyond many others in the Las Vegas area are. They need to share this blessing. Fong Elementary was a great place for everyone to serve because they so appreciate the fact that our students come in and help with Thanksgiving crafts as well as make donations of playground equipment. As a teacher, what inspired me was the joy on the administrators, teachers, and kids faces as we donate items and help the students.  This was my favorite service day because we are blessed to go to a school and for one day offer service and kindness to the students who may not have as much as our kids do.  Students grow in character by helping others and planting a seed that they need to help others on all days. At the end of our time, several kids give our kids hugs and a few cried." Mr. Kenton Kirkpatrick 
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"I believe participating in the Service Day is important for middle school students so they can understand that there are many people in our community that are lacking basic essentials such as food, water and a home.  They need to see with their own eyes the needs of the community.  Hopefully, this will touch their hearts and inspire them to want to serve others, not only on the Service Day, but in the future. I was inspired as we served at Nevada Senior Services.  A few of the students really connected with a blind man by chatting with him and playing games.  He had such a good time that he didn't want them to leave!"  Mrs. Angie Rua
"As a teacher, the service day is important because it gives me the opportunity to serve alongside my students.  So often I am telling my students what they should be doing in class or what to do for homework, etc.  On the service day, I am doing the same work they are doing.  We are servants of Christ together.  We are all called to serve and love our neighbor, and I love serving with my students."  Mrs. Rebecca Cheney

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