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The Kenya Project-We Won't Let you Down

Posted by Mai Choy on Oct 19, 2018 10:49:39 AM

We are sharing various stories from the Kenya Project Team and their recent trip to Kenya with World Vision.  In this post we learn about one of the ways a dairy empowers a community.  This initiative is successful because of the prayers and support from the Faith Family.  Every student at the school has the opportunity to donate $25.00 or more to sponsor a child through World Vision.  Our partnership with the village of Bandaptai, Kenya is long term and we hope to make a lasting, positive impact through your support.   

IMG_9365 (1)-702641-editedAs we stepped onto the grounds of the Chebunyo Dairy company, we saw a small property that makes a large impact on the community of Bandaptai.  In efforts to solve the issue of extreme malnourishment, this yogurt producing company helps fulfill the necessary nutrients needed by the people of Bandaptai.  Chebunyo Dairy has been running so successfully that the county government is noticing and providing more resources for this company to grow.  The people of Chebunyo Dairy contribute to the community effort of development, but have also marked a large footprint in the hearts The Kenya Project team unintentionally. 

As they told us their story, the owner of Chebunyo Dairy looked at each and everyone of us straight in the eyes and said “we won’t let you down.”  Our whole group was so silent you could hear a pin drop.  The emotions we felt hearing those words were feelings that are still difficult to comprehend.IMG_9363 (1)-554259-edited

Why would he say he won’t let us down?  If anything, we back home could be doing so much more to help!  These people have exceeded our expectations in every way possible and taught us more to life than they could ever know.  Yes we might be partners, but they have shown us how incredibly hardworking they are.  He shouldn’t say this- instead we need to do more!

Those were just a few of the thoughts of guilt, confusion, and heartbreak after hearing his words and seeing his sincere eyes.  I realized the misconception of poverty being a result of laziness couldn’t be further from the truth.  The people of Bandaptai are the hardest working people I have ever encountered and they work towards the success of their entire community- not just themselves.  Their circumstances are so difficult to get out of, they spend days and nights trying to survive.  However, the people of the community showed us that when they were given an opportunity for success (a machine and training from World Vision), they would work so incredibly hard and make drastic changes in their community.  Determined, persistent, enthusiastic, and tireless are just a few words to describe the people of Bandaptai.

IMG_8818-372697-editedAs we were leaving Chebunyo Dairy, two workers came out with arms full of yogurt to give to us.  Looking at us like family, they handed us each a yogurt despite our refusals for we knew how much they could profit off of thirteen yogurts.  Despite our declinations, they insisted on giving us the yogurt and thanked us for visiting them to hear their stories.  The simple act of sharing their produce in such a large quantity that could really help their business showed how generous the people were. 

From the start of the visit by welcoming us through song and dance, to us leaving with a thoughtful amount of yogurt, the people of Bandaptai’s best trait is their love for each other, life, and God.  Through simple actions and friendly gestures, the personalities of these people were based solely on the fundamentals of love.  Their efforts to conquer malnourishment for their children were selfless.  Their hardworking nature and hospitality was nothing short of inspiring.  Thank you Chebunyo Dairy for allowing us to see your story.

-Haley Lilla '19

 Join us for a special assembly Wednesday, October 24th at 10:30 AM in the CPAC to hear about The Kenya Project and next steps

For more stories and updates about The Kenya Project follow @flhskenyaproject on Instagram and go to .  Photos courtesy of Josie Lipnick, the Kenya Project Team, and World Vision. 


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