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The Power of High School Internships

Posted by Emily Blank on Nov 7, 2017 5:00:00 AM

High school students should have many opportunities to explore their passions.  At Faith Lutheran High School, we have created five distinct Academies for students to pursue their academic interests.  As the person who supports the directors of these Academies, I have observed the power that a quality high school internship can have on a student’s future.  Our Academy students complete 50-90 hour internships to learn more about themselves and even more about the world in which we live.

“You’re learning 40% about being a doctor and 60% about life.” – Dr. Edward Spoon, Las Vegas Ob/GYN Women’s Care, to Anna Dreibelbis ‘16, FLHS Intern Alum.


Justin Chung '18 and Katelyn Layton '18 interning with Dr. Schifini at Pain Solutions

No Regrets

Most students complete an internship after they have passed the point of no return in their college program.  A high school internship provides students an early picture of the day-to-day work in a given occupation.  There is a difference between enjoying studying a subject in school and living it out in an office.  Most of our students end up pursuing college majors in the field they intern in, while others prevent themselves from making a costly mistake.  An internship on the front end of the decision-making can save thousands of dollars, prevent a lifetime of regret in the wrong career, or reaffirm a career path.

Empire MT-SF-2016-Round 1-Rm 15-A-23.jpg

Students at the Empire Mock Trial competition.


I remind students every year that there’s a reason it’s called “work.”  While there are rewards to every career, every occupation has tasks that are less than enjoyable.  High school internships ensure that the rewards outweigh the liabilities.


Film & Broadcasting Academy Students learn from the experts at Channel 8 News.


An Advocate for Your Child

Internship mentors have a mindset that they are investing into the future of their profession as well as the student.  Better than networking through their parents, Faith Lutheran students build the relationships through our internship program.  I have had the great pleasure watching so many mentoring relationships form and grow.  Our internship partners provide insight in choosing colleges and programs as well as great entrance references.  In some cases, interns and their mentors stay connected into their college years.


 Business & Entrepreneurship Academy students discuss business plans during a DECA conference.

Practicing Professional Skills

High school internships force students to acquire professional skills, maturity, and work ethic prior to college.  I work with students on skills from resume writing, email & texting etiquette, to professional dress and navigating an office building for an appointment.  Learning how to professionally interact with others has been invaluable to our students.


STEM Academy students during their internship at Klai Juba Wald Architects.

Keys to Making Internships Valuable

Finding a good internship match requires a bit of homework.  At Faith Lutheran, we use YouScience, a powerful online engine that combines interests with aptitudes and aggregates them with careers, career salaries, geography, availability, and college pathways.  Once a student selects a career, connecting students to a mentor is easy to navigate within our Faith Lutheran network and Las Vegas community.  Convincing a professional to provide an internship requires persistence and communication.  However, barriers quickly evaporate upon hearing about our other 16 year old students that are in delivery rooms, broadcasting studios or representing peers in courtrooms.

Faith Lutheran’s mission statement is “Everyone Prepared! Everyone Saved!”  What better way to prepare our students for the future than to provide a meaningful internship as a building block towards a successful career?  

For more information about the Academies, Honors Institute, Fine Arts Conservatory, and college preparatory curriculum come to High School Academic Preview Night, Tuesday, November 7th-6:30-7:30pm in the CPAC.  For more information, email or call 702-804-4413.

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