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Greta Gieseke
Das Finale: Nuremberg, Munich, Neuschwanstein

Traveling from Prague to Munich, we spent our lunch hour with a quick tour of..

Greta Gieseke
Prague: A Whole New Language

Just when we all had gotten good at “danke” (thank you), “bitte” (please), and..

Greta Gieseke
One Day in Dresden

“This is exactly what I thought Europe would look like,” was heard from several..

Mai Choy
Pali Outdoor Education Trip

Every year the entire 6th grade class takes a trip to the Pali Institute for..

Greta Gieseke
Perusing Peru: The Final Days

By the time you read this, we will all be home, safe and sound, but our last..

Greta Gieseke
Perusing Peru: Days 3-4

On the morning of Day Three we left from our hotel in Urubamba, and made our..

Greta Gieseke
Perusing Peru: Day 2

What a day!  After a very early start (4am wake up call) we boarded a plane for..

Greta Gieseke
Perusing Peru: Day 1

Two museums, two monasteries, and ten thousand steps later and we are settling..

Greta Gieseke
Perusing Peru: Easter Break 2018

Travel has the ability to change lives, broaden one’s understanding of the..

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