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We've Come This far By Faith

Posted by Elyanne Washington on Apr 26, 2018 11:39:40 AM

The first week of February marked a new tradition for Faith Lutheran Middle School and High School.  The school celebrated its first annual African American Celebration.  The theme was, “We’ve Come This Far by Faith”.  

The idea was conceived by our high school principal, Mr. Scott Fogo.  With the help of Coaches Vernon Fox and Everett Wilson the celebration became a reality.  A lot of support came from grandparents and parents of Faith students and alumni to help set up the informational display, rehearse, and ultimately attend the event. 



An African-American History and Culture Celebration is more than a presentation of a people and their history.  The American Culture is bound by many biases about anyone who happens to be different.  These biases are based on myths and misconceptions one group might have about another.  When there is an opportunity to explore and learn the truth behind their differences, it is our obligation to seize this chance so that we can grow as a community. 

The celebration also gave the African-American students an opportunity to voice who and what they are about.  Our students presented speeches and spoken word poetry, worshipful moments through song and dance, and finally, lead the student body in singing 'Joyful Joyful'.  They prepared something that was representative of them as a people and allowed the Faith Lutheran community to see students of color in a positive light.










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The highlight of the culminating assembly was the sermon delivered by the Rev. Dr. Charles Hemphill. Dr. Hemphill defined the theme, 'We've Come This Far by Faith' as a declaration of a people who admit that every one of our successes and our progress is founded in our Faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  We have come this far by faith and we will go on by faith.  


We look forward to celebrating together next year! 




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