Insights @ Faith Lutheran

Exploring the Great Outdoors: Boundary Waters Trip

Outside In: A Journey to the Heart of Faith Lutheran

Tutoring and Academic Support

Mental Illness, Mental Health, and Performance

New Teachers 2021

Support for the AAPI Community

“Inspiring” Change in Kolfe, Ethiopia

The Crusader Mindset

New Teachers 2020


April 27, 2020 Health Update

June 18, 2020 Health Update

Our Commitment

Athletic Signings for 2020

Faith Lutheran Hires New Head Basketball Coach

April 22, 2020

School Update April 20, 2020

March 31st Update

April 3rd Update from Mrs. Harper for MS

April 3rd Update From Mr. Fogo to HS

MArch 24, 2020 Health Update

March 18, 2020 Health Update

Upcoming Events and Trips Status

Fine Arts Feature

March 16, 2020 Health Update

Admissions Office During School Closure

March 13th-Health Update

March 12th, 9:20 PM

March 5th, Nurses Office Update

March 10th Health Update

March 12th, 5:30 PM Coronavirus Update

Faith Lutheran Hires New Head Football Coach

Diverse Classes Enrich Curriculum

Middle School Service Day 2019

Mr. Ball Goes to Broadway

Digitized Teens Part 2

Digitized Teens Part 1

The Importance of Sleep

New Teachers 2019

Mark Wilbourne Baccalaureate Speech

The Kenya Project-Sponsoring Masterpieces

How do Selective Universities Choose their Students?

The Kenya Project-We Won't Let you Down

The Kenya Project

Esther the Comfort Queen Part 3

7 Tips for High School Freshmen

5 Tips for Surviving the Middle School Transition

Food for Thought: The Williams Research Greenhouse at Faith Lutheran

From Darkness to Light

New Faces at Faith

Fail and Flourish: The Williams Research Greenhouse at Faith Lutheran

Goodbye for Now...

We've Come This far By Faith

STEM Academy-ARMOR Field Trip

Conquering Death to Give us Life

GOOD Friday?

The Rise of Electronic Vapor Products

Dangers, Data, and Divinity

Esther the Comfort Queen Part 2

Mexico Mission Trip 2018

Robotics Tournament January 2018

FLNN Mini Video-A Nifty Thrifty Birthday

The Future of our City

Esther the Comfort Queen Part 1

The Gift of Presence

Raising Exceptional Kids: Fostering Strength, Independence, and Resilience

FLNN Mini Video-Broadcasting Behind the Scenes

Homework-How Much is Too Much?

FLNN Mini Video-FAith's Got Talent?

4 Reasons for Christian Education

Service Day the Middle School Way

Athletics: The College Recruitment Game Plan

The Power of High School Internships

Fine Arts and Your Student's Future

#HoustonStrong #LasVegasStrong-Part 2

#HoustonStrong #LasVegasStrong-Part 1

Athletics: Specialization v.s. Multiple Sports

Life is Beautiful...Stressful but Beautiful

What Happens Next?  Helping Your Kids Through Last Week’s Tragedy

Las Vegas Tragedy and Our Response: Thankful

God's in Control: Faith's Response to Last Night's Vegas Tragedy

Digital Teenagers-Part 2

Digital Teenagers-Part 1

We're on a Mission

Surviving the Middle School Transition

Tips for High School Freshmen

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